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Honeywell Wins T-Hawk™ Micro Air Vehicle Contract From U.S. Navy

T-Hawk™ Systems Will Be Used by U.K. Ministry of Defense in Contract Valued at USD $5.7 Million

PHOENIX, February 2, 2009 – Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced that it has received an order via Foreign Military Sales, for six T-Hawk MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) systems from the U.S. Navy, which is the contracting agency for the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the T-Hawk MAV system procurement.

The circular vehicle, weighing 17 pounds and 14 inches in diameter, can fly down to inspect hazardous areas for threats without exposing warfighters to enemy fire. The T-Hawk MAV has the ability to take off and land vertically and can fly more than 40 minutes. In addition, the T-Hawk MAV can move at more than 40 knots of airspeed and operates at altitudes of more than 10,000 feet.

“Honeywell’s T-Hawk MAV provides an eye in the sky for battlefield surveillance,” said Paolo Carmassi, Honeywell President of the Aerospace Europe, Middle East, Africa and Indi region. “The T-Hawk MAV, equipped with video cameras to relay real-time data, is an essential asset for identifying improvised explosive devices and other hazards facing troops.

“The T-Hawk is small enough to carry in a backpack and is equipped with video cameras that relay information back to foot soldiers using a portable handheld terminal. The system has been deployed in Iraq to keep American troops safer by identifying enemy threats from the sky. The deployment is the first time a ducted-fan unmanned aerial vehicle has been used during combat missions,” Carmassi said.

“The system requires minimal operator training and includes two airborne vehicles and a portable ground station used to guide the aircraft and receive images from the cameras,” he added. “The ground station can be used to program a flight path for the T-Hawk MAV or control it manually. The aircraft also can be optionally equipped with electro-optical cameras for daylight operations or infrared cameras for night missions. A civilian version of the T-Hawk is being evaluated by the Miami Dade Police Department for law enforcement applications.”

In addition to the six T-Hawk MAV units, the MOD will receive training, field support, maintenance and spare parts. The order is an addition to the Navy’s existing T-Hawk contract with Honeywell announced in November 2008 for 90 systems. The systems will be delivered to the Ministry of Defence in 2009.

In November the Navy awarded Honeywell its first production contract for the T-Hawk MAV. The T-Hawk MAV will be used by joint force EOD (Explosive Ordinance Device) units in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other locations.

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