Enterprise Buildings Integrator™ integrates building systems on one common network to deliver productivity savings and an enhanced visitor experience

Honeywell Solutions Set Wembley Stadium on Winning Streak
Honeywell Solutions Set Wembley Stadium on Winning Streak

Wembley Stadium in London, England, is an iconic international stadium and conference center towering over the North London skyline. With the opportunity to build from scratch, there was a desire to integrate all the technical services onto a single network to enable cost savings and enhance revenue generation opportunities. It is the largest integration project in the UK's history and arguably the most technically advanced stadium in the world.

Wembley National Stadium Limited (WNSL) redeveloped Wembley Stadium to be the world's leading sport and music venue. The stadium is four million cubic meters and has a one kilometer circumference, with an arch span of 315 meters - the longest single span roof structure in the world and wide enough for a train to travel through. It has 90,000 covered seats and houses four of the largest restaurants in London along with the capital's largest banqueting facility.

In pursuit of flexibility, interoperability and efficiency, WNSL sought to integrate all the technical services - building, security and life safety management along with data, voice and video communication - for the entire stadium on one common network. It planned to provide for a safer, more secure and more comfortable facility and to bring about better building control as well as lower operating costs. WNSL wanted an intelligent control solution that would support new and improved operations and services over the life span of the stadium - benefiting the public and customer service, stadium operators and Honeywell, the technical operator.

Honeywell was the main IT services and controls contractor on the project and designed and installed the IT network platform capable of supporting all the applications encountered in an intelligent building management solution. This support ensured that IP communication is provided with the necessary bandwidth in all operational modes of the stadium. It linked 72 communication rooms housing the network switches which provide 7,500 network points and 3,500 devices on the network. It also facilitated the linking of stadium operations to its parent organization, The FA, the internet, the London Metropolitan Police and other emergency authorities.

Factoring in the stadium's business goals, Honeywell provided the integration expertise to bring all the different applications together into one common operating platform, Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator™ (EBI), which, in turn, was linked to a Honeywell-designed Stadium Management System.

The system is very flexible and changes can be made without disruption. It integrates with the stadium's business systems to support permanent stadium occupancy of 400 people, and can rise to the challenge of a major event, including the arrival of 90,000 visitors.

In addition to managing successful project delivery, support services included training Wembley Stadium staff to operate and maintain the installed systems, ongoing maintenance and technical support. Resident Honeywell engineers are permanently on site and the number of them more than double on days the stadium is hosting events. The service contracts cover the operational support of all of the main FM and IT technical services, with HBS providing additional project and event support.

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