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SmartRunway™ and SmartLanding™

Honeywell's SmartRunway is the next generation upgrade to the Honeywell Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS)  - a product that improves situational awareness by providing timely aural advisories - with new advisories and now graphical alerts to the flight crew and advises them of their position during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout.

Positioned for growth, SmartRunway will also utilize Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) as it is

Honeywell's SmartLanding is designed to help reduce the risk of a runway excursion by providing timely alerts to crew members when the aircraft is approaching the runway too high, too fast or is not configured properly - common components of an unstable approach.

Certification & Descriptions

Access the SmartRunway/RAAS Product Description documents, SmartRunway/RAAS STC lists, FAA/EASA Approval Letters and more.

SmartRunway/RAAS Airport Search

Search the complete SmartRunway/RAAS database of validated airports.

Customer Worksheet

Access instructions and worksheet for the SmartRunway/RAAS Configuration Database.

Product Demo

Honeywell is excited to offer these key safety products that will help make flight safer and more efficient. For more information visit the microsite.