MK XXII Helicopter Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)

The state-of-the-art MK XXII EGPWS is a full-featured system with highly advanced safety functions for IFR-equipped helicopters with a radio altimeter. This system exceeds the FAA TSO-C151b Class A requirements. It includes features such as excessive descent rate, excessive closure rate, descent after takeoff, insufficient terrain clearance, descent below glideslope, and altitude callouts for excessive bank angle, tail strike protection, and autorotation.

Enhanced Features

 Proprietary Honeywell Database
       World Terrain Database (11 Regions)
       Oil Rigs
 Look-ahead Algorithms
       Alerting based on projected path (turn extrapolation) and climb performance
 Internal GPS Card
 Geometric Altitude
 Display Interfaces
       Wx Radar Indicator, MFD, Standalone
 Terrain display
       Auto Display Pop-up 
       Auto Range 
       Enroute Terrain Display (Peaks) 
       Vertical Situation Display (VSD) 
 EGPWS Suppress Options
       Low Altitude Mode
       Audio Inhibit (5 minutes)
       Terrain Inhibit

Classic Features

 Excessive Descent Rate (Mode 1)
 Excessive Closure Rate/Rising Terrain (Mode 2)
 Descent After Takeoff (Mode 3)
 Insufficient Terrain Clearance (Mode 4)
 Descent Below Glideslope (Mode 5)
 Altitude Callouts (Mode 6):
       Excessive Bank Angle
       Tail Strike Protection
       Meets North Sea AVAD callout requirement

Additional Features

 Airspeed Expansion
 Envelope Modulation
 Tower Guy Wires
 Built-in Test


 MTBF (helicopter derated) 5,500 operating hours
 Packaging Non-ARINC Non-ARINC
 Power 15 watts normal operation
 Voltage 28 VDC
 Mechanical (dimensions H x W  x L) 6.2 x 3.0 x 12.1 inch
 Weight 3.9 pounds
 Cooling   ARINC 600-6, forced-air cooling not required
 Environmental   Meets RTCA DO-160D
 Warranty   3 years
 TAWS certification Designed and certified to TSO-C151b. Class A,  GPWS, and terrain awareness and display  functions are tailored to unique helicopter flight  operations.