MK VII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

The MK VII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System is a Class A TAWS that provides protection against controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) as well as reactive windshear detection. CFIT warnings include excessive rate of descent, terrain closure rate, excessive altitude loss after takeoff or missed approach procedure, insufficient terrain clearance, descent below glideslope, and excessive bank angle.

EGPWS incorporates many features not found in some competing systems such as pin-selectable altitude callouts, envelope modulation, geometric altitude algorithm, turn extrapolation, auto display pop-up, auto tilt of weather radar, and the ability to host Honeywell's Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS).

Visual and aural warnings of impending windshear are provided via Honeywell's unique computer algorithms that can detect an increase in aircraft performance (a precursor to windshear) and a decrease in aircraft performance (indicative of entry into windshear). The system can be interfaced to Honeywell's optional bi-axial accelerometer if IRS or AHRS inputs are not available.

Realizing the advantages of the world's best terrain database, the MK VII EGPWS is the standard for TAWS.