KMH 980 Multi-Hazard Awareness System

With more than 10,000 TCAS II/ACAS II installations on more than 325 aircraft types, Honeywell is the overwhelming choice in collision avoidance for airline and corporate pilots. Honeywell has combined the unmatched flexibility of its integrated hazard avoidance system with the reliability and capability of an active-interrogation traffic advisory system (TAS) to create the KMH 980 multi-hazard awareness system. This system pairs the KTA 970, which delivers TAS, with the KGP 860 enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) - making this a powerful duo for safety in the sky.

Key Benefits of TAS:

   Active interrogation Displays traffic up to 40 nm
   Tracks up to 60 targets
  Displays up to 30 targets
  Displays 8 ranges from 2 nm to 40 nm
  Antenna weighs less than a pound
  1200-knot closure rate
   Up to 10,000 feet per minute vertical track rate

Key Benefits of EGPWS:

   CFIT protection in a compact package
  Meets TSO-C151 Class B requirements
  Regional terrain database coverage

System is priced with KMH 880, two KA 815 directional antennas, applicable installation kits and terrain and traffic modules for the KMD 550 and 850 multi-function displays.